My College Football National Championship Breakdown and Prediction

Another year of college football and another championship featuring Alabama. It’s extremely special to see one team tear up college football. They’re like the Patriots of college football. The matchups have been great to watch. This matchup is going to be an awesome matchup! A virtually unstoppable rushing attack against a stout defense. Hurts vs Fromm, Chubb/Michel vs Scarbrough/Harris, Smith vs Evans, Davis vs Fitzpatrick. There’s so many player matchups and it’ll be fun to watch. I’m going to break down each team then make a prediction.


This team is just a force to be reckoned with every year! Nick Saban brings a squad each season that is so talented, disciplined, and smart. No matter what seniors they lose or who falls to injury, they always seem to have talented guys at the ready to step up. Whether it’s just an expertise in recruiting and developing players or some kind of bribery or black magic, Saban and this Alabama staff sure knows how to put a team together. Their offense is never the flashiest or the best, but the offense usually scores when it matters and they always make the best of what their defense gives them. They rank 27th in the country in total offense and only 89th in passing offense but they rank 12th in scoring. They run the ball well with their strong committee backfield and their scrambling quarterback. The offense makes the best of the field position and scoring chances and that is what helps them be one of the top teams in the country every year. This defense is the real deal for this team. They’re first in total defense and scoring defense. They’re also first in team efficiency overall as well as they are the best at not giving the ball away. They don’t turn the ball over and they force the fifth most turnovers playing on the road. The best way to stop this team seems to be to stop the run, forcing turnovers and not turning the ball over themselves. Alabama is going to be extremely tough to beat in this bowl game but, not necessarily impossible to beat. In their game against Auburn, they lost to Auburn 26-14. Auburn forced a turnover, slowed down the Alabama offense, and they moved the ball well and scored when they were on offense. Alabama can be beaten but it’s very tough to do so, but can Georgia pull it off?


Georgia has had a great season. One of the things required to beat Alabama is a solid rushing attack to keep the ball and chains moving. Kirby Smart has done a great job putting together a deep, balanced, and disciplined team. Chubb is an absolute stud with plenty of power at running back, and he has help from the speedster ball carrier Michel. From isn’t the most standout passer but he moves the ball well enough to pick up key first downs and manages the game well enough to keep the offense moving. This defense, just like Alabama’s, is formidable and sturdy. They have a strong defense that can slow down the best of offenses and prevent teams from scoring. They’re 5th in rushing yards, 17th in points per game, and 2nd in overall team efficiency. They move the ball and protect the ball just as good as Alabama. They definitely keep pace on offense with that duo backfield of Michel and Chubb. Aside from the running game, Fromm is more than reliable at quarterback and can do what he has to do to win and manage games. Now they have a prominent and formidable offensive attack that’s for sure but do they stack up on defense? The answer to that question is actually yes. They rank 6th in total defense, 2nd in scoring defense, and rank towards the top in turnover margin. They don’t force a lot of turnovers but they also don’t turn the ball over often either. Looking at the numbers and analyzing how to stop this team, they are very similar to Alabama. They have a rushing attack that leads and paces the offense, a QB that manages the game well, and a stout defense that just shuts down the offense. The formula for beating them should be much of the same as well. For Alabama to beat them, they need to stop the rush, force them into turnovers, and move the ball on their offensive end. Just like Alabama this team is a tough team so beat.

When it all comes down to it, this teams are statistically very similar. They also have similar team schemes and they both have smart, capable coaches. In my opinion, the determining factors will be who has a better passing game, and who forces more turnovers. This will be a tough game and it will be entertaining to watch but somebody has to win this game and i believe it will be Georgia. Their running backs are just slightly better, and I believe Fromm will manage the game better. Hurts runs more than Fromm and with Georgia being able to force fumbles more often than Alabama, I believe Hurts or Harris might lose a fumble that’ll help decide this game. Saban will lose his first game against former coaching assistants!

PREDICTION: Georgia 27 Alabama 23

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