Week 10 score predictions

It’s been a very long time since I last posted and I’m sorry. Let’s not dwell on the sadness of the absence of blog posts, and focus on the future. The best topic to pick up on is football of course. Football is the heartbeat of America, it’s food for the soul, it’s what makes life so great, football is everything and then some. Let’s get right down to the predictions.


This matchup is either going to be a tough, close game or a blow out. The Patriots look really solid at this point in the season and I don’t see them stalling this week. The Patriots are 9th in total offense and 5th in scoring offense. Tom Brady is Tom Brady and this offense is strong as always. They rank 11th in the NFL in red zone touchdown percentage also. The Titans have a very strong defense, ranking 8th overall and 1st in scoring. The strong defense doesn’t do them much justice though, because the offense is 30th in total offense and 29th in scoring. The Titans are the best red zone defense so that could be the big deciding factor this week. Look for the Titans to provide a speed bump or two on the Patriots’ road to victory but not much more than that. PATRIOTS 24 TITANS 13


If you haven’t watched NFL football at all the past few weeks, first off shame on you that’s just wrong, you wouldn’t know that the Saints are on fire right now. This is the 2nd best scoring offense and they just got a bit better after signing Dez Bryant. This offense is on fire and they’re flying high after handing the red ho Rams their first loss. The Bengals aren’t anything to scoff at either. They’re playing pretty decent football and they’re 3-1 at home this season. The factor for this one could be the absence of AJ Green and the fact that the Saints are 4-0 on the road this season. The Saints will come out slow and complacent into this potential “trap game” but don’t count out Drew Brees to win…ever. SAINTS 31 BENGALS 23


This game marks the return of Leonard Fournette for the Jaguars. Thank goodness too because they’ve missed him very much. Now they can return to their standard run heavy offense as they look to right the ship. Fournette looks to carve up the Colts defense. They put on 188 yards in Indy last season without Fournette so this could be a bad game for the Colts who is below average on run defense (19th) and is 22nd in stopping the defense on 3rd down. The Colts are also 10th in total offense and the offensive line has been phenomenal lately. The key in this one for the Jags is establishing the run, and the Colts must protect Luck to have a shot at the W this week. COLTS 20 JAGS 13

BUFFALO (2-7) at NEW YORK JETS (3-6)

Sam Darnold is riding the bench with an injury and Nathan Peterman. We could set a record this week for most total turnovers in a single game with this matchup. McCown is a solid backup in his own right, but this Bills defense is actually pretty damn good. The Bills defense ranks 3rd in total offense and do create a lot of fumbles. The team is the worst passing offense in the league though and has almost triple the INTs thrown as they have forced (16 thrown, 6 forced). McCown has actually done well when he plays and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. I look for the Jets to play safe and control the tempo as they do just enough to win. JETS 13 BILLS 9


This game is actually pretty tough to analyze because the Redskins offense will be missing 3 starters. This could ruin AP’s rushing game and cause a lot of pressure to make its way to Alex Smith. In the end, the Bucs’ defense isn’t that good so the Skins could find some type of play style that will work for the o-line. Peterson looks like the same guy we used to see several years ago when he was demolishing front 7s. Alex Smith also has a tendency to get rid of the ball quickly so I don’t see the line adjustments playing too huge of a factor. The Buccaneers’ offense isn’t bad either, the only thing they don’t do really well is run the ball. That could be the key though as Washington doesn’t force many turnovers and has a decent run defense. Tampa Bay must get the run game going to set the tempo for Fitzmagic and they must not turn the ball over to have a shot. BUCCANEERS 20 REDSKINS 16

DETROIT (3-5) at CHICAGO (5-3)

The Lions are coming off of a tough loss in which they gave up 10 sacks and they have another team this week with a pass rush. The main ingredient to the Bears pass rush is Khalil Mack. He’s a freakish athlete and seems to get to the QB at will. If the Lions stand any chance this week they must slow him down and give Stafford enough time to make plays. They must also work up a little pass rush of their own to fluster Mitch Trubisky. Chicago’s defense is one of the best in the league right now and they specialize is takeaways (2nd). I think this matchup will play out the same way it appears on paper. BEARS 23 LIONS 10

ARIZONA (2-6) at KANSAS CITY (8-1)

At the start of this season I wasn’t on the Mahommes train. I didn’t think he was capable of providing the surge and accurate deep ball capability on a consistent basis for this team. Boy, did he prove me wrong. This team looks virtually untouchable right now and I don’t see signs of them slowing down. They’re 1st in points per game, and they’re 1st in yards per play. 3 or 4 games of this type of offense isn’t exactly proven, but they’ve done it 9 times now. Playing the Cardinals this week has them in line for another really strong game. Arizona is 31st in scoring offense and 27th in TO differential. They’re also 22nd in total defense giving up a lot of yards to the rushing game. This Kansas City team is dangerous and Arizona isn’t very good, so the matchup speaks for itself. CHIEFS 34 CARDINALS 13

ATLANTA (4-4) at CLEVELAND (2-6-1)

Atlanta is playing really well as they ride this 3 game winning streak. Matt Ryan looks very solid and the team is just doing everything right lately. The Falcons are 1st in 3rd conversion percentage and have the 5th best offense in the league. They are struggling on defense, and Cleveland’s QB isn’t bad…that’s right I said the Cleveland Browns have a decent quarterback. Laugh at that statement all you want but, Baker Mayfield is a reliable QB and makes some very smart and tough throws. If he gets some time and can get through his reads, he can make plays and really move the ball well. The Browns are decent at home and I think they’ll give the Falcons a scare this week. I’m calling it close in this one, and I’m predicting the big upset. BROWNS 23 FALCONS 21

LA CHARGERS (6-2) vs OAKLAND (1-7)

The Chargers come into this game heavy favorites against the Raiders. This Raiders team is bad and they don’t seem to be getting any better. The Chargers can’t get sloppy and overconfident though. Division games are always a competitive spark for even the worst teams. The Chargers have a top 10 offense, and this offense is riddled with weapons. Phillip Rivers is having an MVP caliber season and he has one of the best RBs in the league behind him. The defense isn’t terrible either, as they rank 19th overall. The Raiders defense is bottom 5 and the offense is bottom 10. I look for this game to actually be kind of lopsided as the Raiders will show, once again, that they’re a solid bet for the 1st overall draft pick this offseason. CHARGERS 30 RAIDERS 9

LA RAMS (8-1) vs SEATTLE (4-4)

In week 5, the Seahawks ran wild on LA to the tune of 190 yards in the upset bid that fell just short. Their passing offense though is a bit rough at 27th in the league and the defense struggles to stop the run. The key for them to force frustration and turnovers would be to stuff Gurley and make Goff spread the field. The Rams however have a top offense that seems virtually unstoppable with Gurley scoring 16 times in the first 10 games. This offense is scary good and the defense is actually ranking 12th in total defense and 10th in scoring defense. For a team that has a phenomenal offense and pretty decent defense, there’s not much you can do to stop them. They’re also fueled by a recent loss and coming into a divisional rivalry at home. Sorry Seahawks, maybe next week. RAMS 38 SEAHAWKS 23

MIAMI (5-4) at GREEN BAY (3-4-1)

This might be the first time I’ve ever seen the team with the better record as ten point underdogs. The Dolphins are decent when they’re playing ok offenses without a lot of firepower and playmakers. However, the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and sometimes that’s literally all that matters for Green Bay. The Dolphins lead the league in INTs forced but this isn’t just your average run of the mill QB. Their passing offense is 6th overall and Aaron Rodgers has only thrown 1 pick this season. I just don’t see the Dolphins creating enough offensive fireworks to keep pace with A-Rod and the Pack. Plus the Packers are desperate for a win and are In Lambeau this week so you do the math. PACKERS 24 DOLPHINS 10


The Dallas Cowboys officially have their backs against the wall and are watching the playoffs potentially slip away. Zeke has 5 games this season where he hasn’t reached 80 yards and he’s usually the key to offensive success. This week the o-line must show up and protect for this team to grab a W in Philly. The Eagles have lots of injuries plaguing them right now as well. Carson Wentz is still dangerous though and does play at an MVP level here and there. If the Eagles’ 2nd best run defense can keep Zeke from running wild and Wentz can play well, look for the Boys to be in more jeopardy of having a lost season. EAGLES 21 COWBOYS 17


I’m actually curious for this matchup to see if the legend of Nick Mullins can keep going. Mullins played his first career regular season snap last week in relief of CJ Beathard and totally crushed it. He carved the Raiders defense up for a total of 262 yards and 3 TDS. Granted the Raiders defense isn’t good to start with but nobody expected this brand new guy to come in and just own the game. Against this mediocre Giants defense, he could certainly do the same. The Giants will look to get their abysmal offense going, and that starts with Eli. He must take shots downfield and make plays that eat up yards. He settles for the check-downs too much and that’s lead to their 27th ranking scoring offense. He needs to get Barkley and Odell bigger plays to work with. I like the legend of Nick Mullins in this one. 49ERS 26 GIANTS 17

Well there you have it. Predictions are in and breakdowns have been made. Hopefully next week I’ll post the prediction before the Thursday night game has come and gone. Keep your eyes open for some more articles on all things football and basketball, pro and college.

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