NFL Week 11 Predictions

Well week 11 is upon us and it’s two weeks in a row now that I’ve failed to finish my weekly prediction post before the Thursday night game. I do have a pickem league for fantasy football that states i made the correct pick and has my record for the season just in case anyone doubts me. I promise I would never lie about something as serious as fantasy football. So, without further rambling and case pleading, here are the remainder of my predictions for the week and I’ll post my record up to this point at the bottom of this article.


This match-up carries a lot more importance than some realize. This could be a battle for the final wildcard spot in the AFC. The Ravens have lost 4 of their last 5 and are likely to be starting a different QB this Sunday. The Ravens have surprisingly relied heavily on their passing offense to carry them this season. The first few weeks, it did rather well for them as they started their first 6 games 4-2 and were averaging 26 point per game. The running game has been abysmal and that’s been the factor in them losing their last 3 games in a row. They’ve become predictable and that’s made them easy to stop. When the offense can’t stay on the field, naturally that tires the defense and they struggle to hold the opposing offense. That’s been the story for the Ravens lately as they’ve been outplayed the last 3 weeks. The idea of Lamar Jackson being at the helm this week could shake things up and keep the offense rather unpredictable and difficult to stop, but only time will tell. The Bengals also had a hot start to the season, but have cooled down as they’ve lost 3 of their last 4. The defense is ranked last in the league and that’s mostly due to the fact that 2 of their recent losses have been by 35 and 37 points. This team is also missing a star WR in AJ Green. If either one of these teams is going to prove that they can make the playoffs and be a competitor, they need to turn their seasons around. The first step to turning things around for either team is to pull out a win this Sunday. I like Baltimore in this game because I believe the use of Lamar Jackson as the starter will bring too much unpredictability and speed to this offense. It’ll be close as most of the Cincy-Ravens games are. RAVENS 23 BENGALS 21


This is simply a game that will help decide draft position. Both teams have an incredibly slim chance of making the playoffs so there’s not much on the line in this game. The Bucs are coming off an ugly loss to the Redskins. The Giants are coming off an ugly victory against the 49ers. The Giants aren’t exactly playing good-looking football this season, but the offense is beginning to put the pieces together a bit. Odell and Barkley have been the bright spots for this team this season with a sprinkle of Shepard mixed in. Odell is the 7th best WR this season in terms of stats. Eli is having an extremely rough season, and Odell is still finding ways to put up numbers and do more than his fair share to help this team. Barkley has also put on show in his rookie season. He’s on pace to just break 1,000 rushing yards and could potentially break 1,000 yards receiving. If Barkley can accomplish this feat, he would be the 3rd player in NFL history to have 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in the same season, and would be the first rookie to ever accomplish the feat. This team has the talent necessary to do damage, but they seem to be missing something. The Bucs are just as rough. They just can’t seem to get consistent QB play from neither Fitzmagic or Jameis. The running game is sloppy at best, and the defense is very rough. Evans, Jackson, and Howard are attempting to carry this team and it’s just not working. They have allowed the most points of any team in the NFL and have the 4th worst point differential in the league. Their season will be over very soon if they can’t fix the chaos that’s happening under center and win some games. With the Bucs coming off a tough loss and the Giants feeling good after a recent win, look for the Giants to squeak one out here.  GIANTS 26 BUCS 20


This game isn’t very tough to choose at all. The Jaguars have one of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL. They rank 27th in percentage of drives that end in a score. They also rank 28th in red zone opportunities. The running game is responsible for only 3 touchdowns, tied for the worst in the league. This defense is a top 5 defense in the league, but they can’t move the ball down the field and produce any points to show for their defensive prowess. They have the second most offensive drives that end in a turnover. Just to help you understand just how bad this offense has been, the defense ranks 2nd in yards allowed, 9th in points against them, and they’re 1st in first downs allowed. They have been very nice on the defensive side of the ball. Despite them being the 9th best in scoring defense, they’re 22nd in point differential. They’re playing one of the leagues hottest offenses in recent weeks this week. The Steelers are rolling and Big Ben, James Conner and this dangerous offense is the biggest factor in their recent success. Conner has been an absolute gem this season and is quickly making Pittsburgh forget who Leveon Bell even is. This offensive line has performed very well, and they’re providing Ben with lots of time and Conner with plenty of holes. Big Ben with time is always a very scary thing. He’s a future hall of famer and is showing again why he’s still one of the best in the league. I look for the Steelers to take full advantage of how much their offense will be on the field. The Jags defense is tough, but after being on the field for so much time, they can’t stay stout for long. STEELERS 31 JAGS 13


Carolina Panthers are coming off their worst loss of the season so far against the Steelers, having lost by 31 points. The Steelers offense controlled the tempo of the game and scored at will. The Panthers got down early to the Steelers and never really recovered. Big Ben was absolutely masterful, as he had more touchdown passes than he had incompletions. They had a balanced run game and AB, JuJu, and Mcdonald absolutely shined in the passing game. The Panthers may have needed that game to humble them a bit. This offense relies heavily on the rush as they are the 5th best rush attack in the league and they are a very disciplined team as they rank 7th in giveaways and 6th in penalty yards. This team has a decent and very opportunistic offense, but they allow way to many scores. This defense doesn’t do bad in terms of limiting teams in their yardage, bu they rank 31st in passing TDs scored against them. They have the second worst defensive red zone scoring percentage. Teams don’t get into the red zone a lot against them, but when they do, Carolina struggles immensely to prevent touchdowns. The Lions defense is the 10th worst scoring defense in the league and the 7th worst team at forcing turnovers. This defenses struggles are mostly in the running game. They are 23rd overall against the run and allow alot of passing touchdowns in the red zone. They struggle to stop the rush from moving the offense downfield, but they also struggle to keep the ball out of the endzone on the pass. To me, that sounds exactly what the Panthers want. The Panthers thrive on rushing with McCaffrey and Cam down the field, then they let Cam throw for the touchdown on the run. This Lions team is in deep trouble this weekend if they can’t find a way to disprove the writing on the wall. PANTHERS 23 LIONS 16


This is an interesting matchup. The Texans are riding a 5 game win streak and are beginning to look rather dangerous. The Redskins are also looking good, having won 4 of their last 5 games. The teams though come to a head this weekend, looking to create more separation in their respective division races. The Redskins currently boast the 5th best run defense and the 4th best scoring defense. Offensively they’re not quite as dangerous. Their rushing attack is 10th in the league and they don’t force many turnovers. The key for the Redskins in this one will be Adrian Peterson and Josh Norman, yes Josh Norman. If Josh Norman can keep Deandre Hopkins from making chunk plays, they’ll possibly keep Watson off balance and keep the ball in Alex Smith’s hands. The Texans will rely on Lamar Miller and the pass rush. If Miller can balance the game plan enough to keep Watson in rhythm and unpredictable, they’ll be able to find much success. Also, if JJ Watt and company can get to Smith regularly, they’ll prevent him from controlling the tempo and managing the game. The Texans have better odds as the Skins are missing 3 starting linemen and the Texans are still red hot right now. TEXANS 21 REDSKINS 10


This is actually a pretty decent game. You have two teams coming off big games. The Titans just beat the Patriots by 24 points, and the Colts just beat the Jags to keep their season alive. Both offenses have played very well recently but what will make the difference in this one? The Titans offense isn’t a very strong one aside from the past few weeks. The offense is 30th overall and their best offensive weapon is their two-headed monster of a backfield. The duo of Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry are quite the force to be reckoned with. They control the offense when they’re rolling and make Mariota his most dangerous. Their defense however, is top 10 in all aspects and even in 1st in points against. They shut down offenses at will and really are capable of stopping any offense. The key for them will be the offensive line and the defensive line. If they can protect Mariota and keep Mack from gaining momentum, they could take this game. The Colts have a good offense and a mediocre defense. Andrew Luck has been very efficient this season. When Mack gets going, Luck is downright scary. They sport a top 10 offense and are 1st in third down conversions. The defense though is abysmal. The key for the Colts will be the run defense and Marlon Mack. Mack gaining any momentum will keep Luck from becoming predictable and if they can stuff Lewis and Henry, Mariota will lose control of the tempo of the game. With the Colts missing Hooker, I can’t see them making enough of a difference on defense to stop the Titans. TITANS 17 COLTS 9


This game also features two teams fighting to keep their seasons alive. The Falcons are fighting for a wildcard spot, while the Cowboys are still very much in contention for the division crown. The Cowboys are fresh off a division win against their bitter rival Eagles. The Falcons are coming into this game desperate to forget last weeks double digit loss to the Browns. The Falcons actually boast a top 6 offense and can use their weapons to pretty much score at will. They’re the 8th best scoring offense in the league. On the defensive end, they are a mediocre at best as they’re ranked 30th in total offense. They’ll need to get Calvin Ridley and Austin Hooper involved to spread the defense. The Cowboys offense boasts the second best running back in the league but only 27th in overall offense. They’re defense though is top 10 and their scoring defense is 3rd. They are going to need Elliott to have immense success so Dak can create enough to keep pace with the Falcons defense. Their defense is very solid so I don’t see keeping up as being much of a problem for the Cowboys. COWBOYS 20 FALCONS 17


This certainly won’t be the most exciting game this weekend. These are two of the worst teams in the league right now. The Cardinals are coming off a loss to the Chiefs, while the Raiders got manhandled last week by the Chargers. The Raiders have been really bad this season, as their record proves. There’s honestly very little, if anything at all, that they do well. However, the Cardinals are pretty bad themselves right now. They might be able to just not be bad enough to squeak out a win. Defense will be key for both teams this week. The Raiders are missing both Bryant and Nelson at WR, so that’ll surely be a big blow to their chances. The team that forces the most mistakes and causes the most pressure will get the win. I’d give you more of a breakdown for this one, but I don’t need to give you more reasons to feel sorry for either team. CARDINALS 13 RAIDERS 3


This game is likely to be a blowout for sure. The Chargers have the 8th best offense in the league and the 14th best defense. This team is solid on both sides of the ball. This offense has an immense amount of weapons and the defense is very stout and are even getting Joey Bosa this week. If Melvin Gordon breaks 150 total yards and Bosa looks anything like his old self, they’ll beat the Broncos relatively easily. The Broncos have the 11th best overall offense but they just fail to score. The Broncos just manage to lose close games. They have the 21st ranked defense in the league and the 15th scoring defense. They’re not bad, but now playing without Damryius Thomas, they just don’t have the weapons to move against this Chargers defense. CHARGERS 34 BRONCOS 12


This game will be another big win, but I will tell you it’s not because the Eagles are bad. So many people have been saying how bad the Eagles are and that they can’t beat anybody right now. What I can tell you is that Carson Wentz and this offense are still pretty good. The defense probably wouldn’t be 16th in total defense either if they didn’t have so many injuries. The Eagles very well could be 6-3 or even 7-2 right now if they didn’t have half their starters missing. They will lose this game by double digits but only because Philly is so battered right now. The Saints are the best team in football right now. This offense is having remarkable success and has so many weapons, it’s almost not even fair. Drew Brees has a chance to win his first MVP and they are the favorite to make the Super Bowl in the NFC. They’re on fire and they’re not slowing down now. SAINTS 41 EAGLES 23


This was one of the tougher games to pick this week. Both teams are relatively well matched. They both play pretty good, opportunistic offense and solid, pass rushing defense. Two similar game styles for two division rivals. The biggest difference here is a man by the name of Khalil Mack and another man named Matt Nagy. The Vikings are a very solid team for sure but this Mack guy is pretty damn good. He gets to the quarterback with unprecedented ease, stops the run with razor-sharp instincts and brute strength, and forces lots of turnovers. Even when he’s double teamed he still finds a way to make game changing plays. Matt Nagy makes a ton of great play calls on the offensive side of the ball. Nagy creates and calls so many creative plays, it’s nearly impossible to predict or even stop. They run so many reverses, screens, options, and much more. What are you supposed to do other than just pray for a stop. I’m sure it’s obvious by now, but I’m all in on the Bears train this season. BEARS 27 VIKINGS 24


This was most definitely the toughest game to pick this week. This is 2 of the best teams in the league this season. Literally the Chiefs have 3rd ranked offense and the Rams have the 2nd so I was spot on in the last sentence. However, on the defensive side of the ball, one team is clearly better than the other. The Rams rank 13th in total defense, and the Chiefs only rank 29th. This Chiefs team has gotten by easily because their offense is just that damn good! Not very often that you see a matchup that features 3 players that could potentially win MVP this season. These teams are favorites to make their respective conference championships and are both considered extremely dangerous on the offensive side of the ball and the team who’s defense steps up and forces one key mistake. RAMS 38 CHIEFS 34


I hope you enjoy this article and I urge you to comment and let me know what you think! Thank you for reading and please share this around to any friends and family that love football. Keep checking in for the next update, as I vow to get it published before Thursday night football.

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