As the NFL season progresses, the award front-runners and playoff picture becomes a bit clearer. Can anyone stop the Rams, Saints, or Chiefs? Are the Bears and Steelers sleeper threats for the playoffs? Will Jon Gruden get run out of the Raiders organization before next season? I guess we’ll just have to watch and see. At least for now, I can predict this weeks games and possibly break down each potential playoff team sometime this week or next. By the way, IM SORRY BUT THIS WEEKS GAMES ARE SPILT INTO TWO ARTICLES BECAUSE I WAS A BIT BUSY THIS WEEK AND COULDN’T COMPLETE THEM ALL BY TONIGHT.


The loss of Alex Smith for the season is extremely deflating for the Redskins. That blow to their team really opened the doors for the rest of the division to fight for the crown. They have Colt McCoy at the helm ,and if that’s not scary enough, they are also missing 3 starting offensive lineman. This defense for the Redskins is solid and efficient but without most of the starting o-line and a less than reliable backup QB at the helm, they have very little to no help. Maybe, just maybe, a Thanksgiving miracle can help them pull this one out. The Cowboys are on a bit of a roll right now. They’re coming off wins against the Eagles and the Falcons and are fighting to stay in the divisional race. Dak Prescott needs to get Zeke into a rhythm and use his rushing attack to open up his offense and control the tempo. They have the fortune of having a pretty solid offensive line and a good defense, so they should have plenty of chances to make moves with the ball. They should control the possession aspect of the game, and must play smart and keep the defense guessing. The Cowboys defense is good enough to keep Colt McCoy from doing much of anything, they simply have to stay balanced on offense and let Zeke do his thing. COWBOYS 23  REDSKINS 10


Now generally I’d say the Bears in this one easily. This trick offense under a solid quarterback with lots of surrounding talent, and probably the best defense in the league is a big favorite in this matchup. However, Trubisky isn’t playing so that’ll definitely hurt them. Chase Daniel isn’t bad but I’m not sure he can do the same things with this offense Trubisky can. The defense will have to do a little extra along with the running game to help them get by in this one. The Lions are a decent team more than capable of pulling the upset on the short handed Bears. Stafford is capable of putting up numbers and Marvin Jones is dangerous. I think they can pull this one off! LIONS 24 BEARS 20


Write this down, this is a trap game! The Saints have been absolutely unbeatable all season, even against the best of them. Drew Brees is the MVP front-runner at the moment and he’s had an amazingly efficient year as he’s only thrown 1 INT and completed over 75% of his passes. This offense is just scary good and looks virtually unbeatable this season. However, that’s what makes a trap game a trap game. Brees and company are rolling and feeling invincible right about now. The Falcons, in case you hadn’t noticed, have a powerful offense of their own. With Matt Ryan and his multitude of weapons, he can surely keep up with Brees and company if they play smart. I look for the defense of the Falcons to dial up some varietal pass rushes and surprise this offense just enough to get the edge. FALCONS 31 SAINTS 27

Again I’m sorry I didn’t get to post the rest of the games but I was crunched for time. Look for the rest of the slate of games tomorrow or Saturday and we’ll see how my pickem record develops. Please share this around with fellow football fans and keep reading. Thank you all so much for reading and liking my Facebook page!

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