Divisional Round Predictions and Breakdowns

Ok, so I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. I have been making my picks on yahoo, let’s just say the wildcard round was my worst pick week ever. I went 0-4 in my wildcard selections and my team went home early. Let’s hope i can turn things around as i return from a short hiatus away.


This is looking to be a pretty good game. The Super Bowl legend and potential GOAT takes on the bolo tie aficionado looking for his ring to cement his legacy. The bulldozing bruiser of a running back taking on the dynamic committee backfield. The Patriots have been a playoff staple for the AFC for well over a decade. They have been to the Super Bowl 8 times since 2000 and are looking to make it 9 this season. This is a team that’s always a safe pick to make it to at least the AFC Championship game. They seem unstoppable every season they have Brady at the helm. However, I believe this season we’re seeing the most vulnerable Patriots team we’ve seen in a long time. They also seem to have a much stronger field of competition this year. The Chargers, Chiefs, and Colts all look like they could beat the Patriots this season. This test against the Chargers will help us see just how vulnerable they are. The Chargers haven’t made it passed the divisional round of the playoffs since 2007 and haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1994. They made it to the conference championship in 04 with Rivers, LT, Chambers, and Vincent Jackson in his prime. This team is just as good, if not better in my eyes. They have the talent to match those offensive weapons and maybe a bit more. They also possess a very solid defense. I’m giving the edge to the Chargers in a thriller. CHARGERS 23 PATRIOTS 20


This one won’t be the blowout the Chiefs have become accustomed to this season. The Colts are lethal and Andrew Luck looks like the promising QB scouts believed him to be coming into the NFL several years ago. The Colts offense has been sharp and they look to keep that up against a less than stellar defense. The Chiefs have a tough time with defensive penalties, specifically in the secondary, and this Colts team has a red zone stud in Eric Ebron and a speedy threat in TY Hilton. The Colts will draw penalties and look to capitalize on that shabby defense. The Colts have the stingiest scoring defense since week 7 and hope to use that to their advantage. However, this is one of the top offenses in the league and Mahommes and something totally different than anything else the league has seen. This offense is absolutely deadly. They have an MVP caliber QB, a dynamic backfield, and a deadly receiving core. This offense is a solid bet to put up numbers on anybody. The biggest concern for the Chiefs is their playoff resume. You can’t talk about the Chiefs in the playoffs without mentioning their playoff track record. They have been awful in the playoffs in the Andy Reid era. They gave up a 28 point lead to Luck and the Colts several years ago, and they gave up an 18 point lead last season to the Titans. This defense has had its troubles, but they’ve been very solid at home and Mahommes has proven to be the man this season. They’ll have enough to beat the Colts at home. CHIEFS 31 COLTS 23



This game isn’t going to be as close as a lot of people think. The Rams at home have been absolutely amazing on offense and i don’t see that stopping now. Todd Gurley is back and looking very solid and fresh in practice, according to his teammates. This offense is full of weapons, including the best running back in the game and a very scary, dynamic receiving group. This defense helps create opportunities for the offense and the offense usually capitalizes on those. I know the Cowboys had the leading rusher this season and the Rams defense allowed 5.1 yards per carry, but I see them making stops when they need them and the offense is going to control the tempo and will manage the game to their favor. Zeke, Cooper, and Dak can be tough when they get in rhythm, but good luck getting into much of a rhythm against this defense. Dak will have his hands full with Donald, Suh and company in his face, and that secondary is very capable of forcing turnovers. This Cowboys defense is not bad at all, but it’s very tough to stop an offense that is this good at home. RAMS 30 COWBOYS 17



This game is a toss up, as I couldn’t decide if we were going to see a lopsided win from the favorite or a down-to-the-wire thriller forced by the underdog. Either way I have the Saints in this one, but the margin of victory was tough to choose. I think the x-factor here is which Saints team shows up. This team at home has been absolutely phenomenal and have had a bit of rest to help rejuvenate that battered line and Kamara. Brees has been 5-0 at home in the playoffs since he came to New Orleans and they are the second most offensively efficient team at home this season. The Eagles have been a whole new team now with Foles at the helm and the defense has only allowed 15 total points over their last 2 games. This team is proving they can be the team we saw last year, if it weren’t for their extensive list of injuries this season. They aren’t going to suffer the same fate this weekend as they did against the Saints in week 11 when they lost 48-7 and allowed over 500 yards, but I just can’t see them beating this dangerous Saints offense in their home stadium. SAINTS 30 EAGLES 21

Well those are my picks, please feel free to comment on my blog post or on the Facebook link to give me your opinion and tell me what you think. Please share this post with all your friends and family and like this post. Keep following the page and look for the remaining playoff posts and potentially a mock draft coming soon. Thank you for reading and following.

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