Ravens vs Rams: analysis, key matchups, and prediction

So this is my first story in a while. Its been far too long and it’s great to be back. Couldn’t be a better time than the heart of the 2019 NFL playoff race. We’re breaking down the Monday night matchup between the Rams who are desperately trying to piece together their offense to cling to a playoff bid and the Ravens who are red hot and sporting the most creative offense in the league. Lets get down to it.


Marcus Peters vs His Old Team

Marcus Peters has torn offenses apart since the Rams shipped him off the Baltimore just prior to week 7. He’s been a key piece of the Ravens defense that helped them really come together as one of the league’s top defenses over the last few weeks. Peters will look forward to this matchup just as Earl Thomas did with Seattle. Peters was a gem for this Ravens defense and they’ll surely be looking to him as he looks for revenge against his former team.

Ravens Defensive Front vs Todd Gurley

This is a key matchup for the Rams to win this game. Goff feeds off the running game and essentially needs the running game to have a successful passing attack. Gurley needs to have a solid game for the Rams to win this game. The Ravens have made key front seven additions and it’s worked wonders in meshing the defense together. Gurley has to find holes in the defense and power the ball down the field. The Ravens thrive at controlling the tempo and clock, if Gurley can control the clock and the tempo, the Rams have a shot.

Aaron Donald vs Lamar Jackson

So this is the big matchup of the game. Donald will surely be a problem no matter what line he faces. Donald is a physical freak and will find a way to break through. Jackson is a master of reading defenses and making plays accordingly. He’s revolutionized the RPO in the NFL and does it better than anyone. Donald will need to find a way to keep Jackson from having time to read and Jackson will have to read quick enough to keep Donald from blowing up the strength of the Ravens offense.


This matchup could pose problems for both sides. The Rams have Gurley, a once great pass attack, and Aaron Donald. They have solid pieces and the solid coaching to be a solid team. They just havent been able to pull everything together. The Rams are 13th in overall offense and 11th on defense. They have what it takes to be good team, they just cant seem to figure out the puzzle. Could this be the game where they pull it together and make a statement or is the Ravens dynamic offensive attack too much to overcome. The Ravens have been the story of the season. Mark Ingram, Mark Andrews, and Hollywood Brown have been key for this offense this season. They are averaging 39 points a game over the last 4 games and those 3 of those teams happened to be all be entrenched in the playoff race. They’re making mince meat of bad teams and some of the top teams. Can they keep this streak going or will the Rams lull them into a trap game?


The Ravens offense will find a way to keep Donald and the defense from making a big impact and will look like the same offense we’ve seen in weeks prior. The Rams offense will lean too heavily on Gurley and inevitably come up flat against a Ravens defense that seems to be coming together strongly.


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