Week 1 NFL Breakdowns and Predictions

So I missed my promised deadline of noon Friday, sorry Covid makes life crazy. It’s here now and I’m just excited to write the first Breakdown article in months. Football season is in the air and we all need our fix of it. The world has been full of uncertainty and wild cards this year and the return of football gives us a taste of normalcy and real hope. With that said we have a good slate of week 1 games and I wont stall any longer.


This matchup pins two teams against each other that are all too familiar with one another. They have met 5 time in the last 5 years and they both bring a roster and coaching consistency that leaves both teams feeling as prepared as any team can be with no preseason and cut down camps. The Falcons flash new weapons in Gurley and Hurst as they hope to return to the same offensive firepower we’ve seen in years passed. The Seahawks boast a strong offense and defense though on the other side. The Hawks added Jamaal Adams and Quinton Dunbar to its secondary, while the Falcons hope to have rejuvenated their pass rush with Dante Fowler Jr. I think this game is a very good game that should be close. For the Falcons to win they need to pressure Russ, but having only racked up 28 sacks last season, i don’t think that will happen.



This game should be more fun than people realize. The Ravens set the league ablaze last year with a very strong defense and a historical rushing attack. Lamar had an MVP season where he led the league in passing TDs while also setting the season QB rushing record. They finished 14-2 and looked poised for the Super Bowl. Then they met the Titans in round 1 where Derrick Henry exposed their true weaknesses in the rush defense and middle linebackers. They got blind sided and now the whole team has returned with a chip and with Calais Campbell, Derek Wolfe, and Patrick Queen bolstering those weaknesses. The Browns added a stud TE in Austin Hooper and have the talent to have a good season ans flirt with breaking their postseason draught. Can a new coaching staff and rejuvenated Baker Mayfield bring this team into the limelight they’ve been fighting the past few years for? They can, but this game is in Baltimore and Lamar is hungry to prove doubters wrong again. I think this is a decisive Ravens win.



This is a game that is going to have people buzzing when its over. The Bills snagged a weapon for Allen in Stefon Diggs and he’s put in a great camp and looks very eager to play. The Bills have plenty of talent and look to build off their playoff season from last year. The Jets on the other hand, oof. Thats the best thing I can think to say. They have little to no weapons for Darnold. Theyre extremely thin at WR, so all pressure falls on an aged LeVeon Bell and TE Chris Herndon. They’re also gonna be hurting with Mosley out this season. This Jets team looks poised for another rough season. This game wont be close, at all, ever.



I can actually see this being a good game as well. The Panthers let their incumbent Cam Newton go and welcomed in Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater is a good game manager and plays with a high IQ. He has Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson, Ian Thomas, and DJ Moore. Oh and a guy by the name of Christian McCaffrey. This offense is sneaky strong and could pose some problems for many teams. The Raiders have some weapons of their own. They have a plethora of guys on offense to move the ball and keep the defense guessing. The defense is decent all around but they have one red flag, and that is their secondary. It’ll be decent game but the Panthers will get McCaffrey involved in both aspects and take advantage of that secondary.



This division matchup highlights the QB battle between Foles and Trubisky, and the ever burning hot seat of Matt Patricia. Trubisky has won the job for now, but can he hold on to it. The Bears added a couple guys on both sides and look like theyre working to improve. The Lions last year did a major dive bomb at the end of the season. The Lions turned a seemingly promising start to the season, into a tragic disappointment. They added Swift and AP to their backfield and a few names to the defensive side of the ball. If they’re going to save Patricias job, they need this to be the season they turn things around. I give the Bears the edge this time in a close one.



I think this is our second blowout of the day. This one likely comes as no surprise. The Jags may have Minshews Mustache Magic, but that’s about all they have. This team has a couple guys he can use as weapons but with a mediocre defense and average at best offense, they seem to be a sure thing to snag Trevor Lawrence in the spring. The Colts are coming in with Rivers at the helm and a handful of weapons to play with. Rivers has actually won 7 of his last 8 against Jacksonville. They have a stronger offense and a much stronger defense. This game speaks for itself



A rivalry as old as the game itself, this one always brings us good football. This rivalry always bring us good football and the Kirk vs Rodgers rivalry has become the latest chapter in the storied rivalry. The Vikings are very young at secondary, they have all their starting corners under the age of 23. Make no mistake though, they’re still bolstered by a tough front 7 and one of the best safety tandems in the league in Smith and Harris. The Packers had great success with just a 3 man rush last year. They saw great production from Smith and Smith and are hoping their WRs can take a step forward after failing to add any names in the off-season. For a fun change of pace I consulted my fellow analyst and football afficionado Kaylee Aaron for this breakdown and the score prediction is 100% hers. Feel free to consult her for any football or fantasy football talk or tips, she really knows her stuff.



A game that was once a sure thing for Belicheck and his crew is now more uncertain than ever. Not only with the end of the Tom Brady era, but also the recent games against Miami. Fitzmagic has shown up in full swing lately in these matchups and having lost a handful of guys, including TB12, could make that even more likely. The Pats brought in Cam Newton, and the Dolphins strengthened both sides through the draft and free agency. This game is no longer an easy win for the Pats and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly Cam settles into this new offense. I’m going to give the Pats the edge but just barely



I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to typing that. The first breakdown of the Washington Football Team. They come into this game at home and hope that gives them an advantage. The main story for the Redskins is the arrival of Rivera and how he can help this team. They have to hope Haskins has taken a step forward in his development. He has minimal weapons on the field but will surely lean heavily on a packed backfield and Scary Terry on the outside. The Eagles on the other hand have a new look on defense to feature. They bring in Darius Slay, Mills has moved to cover for the departed Malcolm Jenkins, and they add Nickell Roby-Coleman. They still have a strong offense, so long as Wentz stay healthy. I look for the Eagles to pull out a comfortable win.



This game has 2 new faces at QB for each team. The Bengals look to keep the legend of Joe Burrow rolling on a strong note, while the Chargers try Tyrod Taylor out and hope he can provide that playoff push that Rivers couldn’t. This game also sees Chris Harris debuting as a Bolt for the first time. He’ll be matching up against once again healthy AJ Green. It will be a game of question marks but this Chargers defense is stout and the Bengals hope a new face at QB will be enough to open up all that talent on the offensive side of the ball. I think the Bengals surprise everyone here.



This is the premiere, highlight game of the week. The 2 GOAT candidates come face to face in their first matchup as divisional rivals. Tom Brady has his biggest arsenal of weapons to date, Brees has only the best WR in the league and a top 5 RB. This game is poised to be a very good game. Expect this game to be very high scoring. These 2 teams both finished in the top 10 in offensive output last season and Jameis Winston led the league in yards. No offense to Winston but Brady is the GOAT so he should have no problem making use of these weapons. The main question is, have the Bucs managed to build chemistry in one short and corona crazy offseason? This the GOAT we’re talking about, but with Evans slated to sit this one out, I give Brees the nod.



Another solid and anticipated game. There’s a lot of pressure on San Fran to make another deep playoff run behind that amazing defense. On the other side Kyler Murray has high expectations from fans, experts, and probably teammates and coaches to take a massive step forward. The Cardinals snagged Hopkins in a blockbuster trade and he now has lots of strong weapons. He has Nuk, Fitz, Kirk, Drake, Arnold, and Isabella. There’s a lot for Murray to work with and hopefully he can make those weapons work because this 49ers defense is scary good and Bosa will be breathing down his neck all game long.

49ERS 26 CARDS 17


This game wont be too close and will be high scoring. There’s been a ton of hype around the Cowboys this season. They have an elite o-line, Dak, Zeke, Lamb, Cooper, Gallup, Jarwin, and hell even Pollard. This offense will finish at the top of the league and this Rams attack will not be stopping them. They will keep up a little but not nearly enough. Don’t get me wrong the Rams are no offensive slouch, but they are missing Gurley and we don’t know what to expect from Henderson and Akers. I’m going to keep this one short and just say coach McCarthy gets his first win with Dallas.



The Steelers could not be happier to have Big Ben at the helm again. The loss of Ben caused a downward spiral for the Steel City last season. Without Ben, Duck Hodges and Mason Rudolph tried to pick up the pieces but just couldn’t make it work. They bring back Ben and their high powered defense and hope he has enough left to lead them to the playoffs. But don’t sleep on the Giants. Jones did pretty decent last season and Barkley isnt injured anymore. Their WRs are sneaky good and they could be looking up, but can they make up for that defense. Not against a Hall of Famer like Big Ben.



Wrapping up the first breakdown of the season with the team that shocked the football world by upsetting the Ravens in the playoffs last year. They bring back all their major pieces aside from Logan Ryan but they’re going to lean on King Henry and Tannehils play action game managing. The Broncos have one big question to answer on their end. Will Drew Lock bw good enough to utilize all this talent? They have Sutton, Fant, Hamler, Jeudy, Hamilton, Gordon, Lindsay. It seems like too much for one team. Luckily they have a smart coach, and they will ease Lock into things. Put me down for Drew Lock with the upset.


Well there we have it, the first breakdown and prediction of the season. I had my first pick collaboration with analyst and friend Kaylee Aaron and I couldn’t be more pumped for the season. Good luck to everyone and their fantasy seasons, and please share, comment, and let me know what you think. Thank you!

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