Weekly Pickem for week 2

So I missed posting my first week of pickem. Yea, I know, not a great way to start the season. I did make my picks in my actual fantasy league pickem and went 10-6 last week and got the Thursday night game right for this week. I’m sitting at 11-6 and I’m going to make sure I submit my picks weekly this time. Just keep in mind that the scores or just for bragging rights, who I pick to win the game is where the points come from. That being said we have a strong slate of games this week so let’s get right down to it.


Yahoo has 57% picking Bengals and I gotta follow the crowd on this one. Burrow looked very precise, poised, and methodical against the Vikings last week. The deep ball to Chase was perfect, he was playing smart, and he has some weapons to utilize. This team is better than expected on offense and Chicago doesn’t have the offensive firepower to expose the mediocre Bengals defense. The only way for Chicago to have a shot here is too, say it with me now, PUT FIELDS IN. I think Fields is talented and he’s ready. This team wants him to play and they really have a decent chemistry already with the rookie. Nagy is stubborn and Dalton plays again and his 5 yard chip passes keep them from winning another game.

CIN 30 CHI 17


This pick isn’t as easy and safe as many people think. Am I saying Cleveland gets upset? Dear lord no, they have one of if not thee most loaded roster in the league. Am I saying the Texans will put up a decent fight, yes. Tyrod Taylor had this offense looking decent against the Jaguars. Houston also gave Lawrence and company fits on the other side of the ball. Cleveland is a whole different animal though and Baker and this offense are a well oiled machine. I think Baker finds a strong rhythm and the defense keeps Houston from controlling the game like they did last week against the Titans. I’m giving this game to the Brownies.

CLE 27 HOU 21


I’m fairly comfortable with this pick. Wentz and the Colts didn’t play bad on offense at all last week. They put up solid numbers and really only struggled to convert key 4th downs and in the redzone. The defense simply ran into the phenom that is Russell Wilson. Wilson can’t really be stopped by anyone and he really whooped on the Colts defense. They won’t get much of a break here either. Stafford may not be as dynamic as Wilson, but he’s got a great arm and has solid touch. He really has a special offense and a pretty stout defense on the other side of the ball. This won’t be a huge blowout, but the Rams will win this relatively comfortably.

LAR 34 IND 20


Last week, the Bills got upset by the Steelers. The Steelers defense was next level good in containing Diggs and virtually shutting down Allen. The Bills were under constant pressure and could do next to nothing to score aside from that second quarter TD. Buffalo looked really rough on offense and their defense was the only reason it was close. I think they fix that this week and Miami poses less of a defensive threat. Tua is a solid player but he’s young and is still finding himself as a player. The Buffalo defense is going to give him trouble and Allen and company are going to find a little more success against this Dolphins defense. Give me Allen and the Bills this week.

BUF 24 MIA 16


The Mac Jones era has begin and he looks promising. He was accurate and showed strong leadership and pocket presence. He was moving the ball and making some plays. He was still finding his footing and they really only lost because the team couldn’t hold onto the ball as his RBs fumbled 3 times and lost 2 of them. Granted he fumbled as well, but without those two turnovers, they very likely win the game last week. The Jets had a different story. Wilson looked rough and was literally running for his life on almost every play. They couldn’t get the run going at all and they put all the pressure on Wilson’s shoulders. Once they adjusted, he found his footing and started making plays, but it wasn’t enough. Jones is solid and New England has a decent defense. I think New York’s offensive line is just too abysmal to overcome and Jones finds his first win as a pro.

NE 23 NYJ 13


This is one of the good games to watch. Two teams who could go either way in terms of success. You have people that think these two teams could be a flop and finish at the bottom of the division and people who think they’re strong and can really compete in the division. Both teams looked strong in their first games, but to be fair both teams played against mediocre at best defenses. Still though, Hurts looks like a solid dual threat QB and made something out of his lack of weapons. He used the trio of Smith, Goedart, and Ertz to find success and used some smaller role players to fill the gaps. The 49ers opened up a can of whoopin on the Lions before they stopped trying and let the Lions offense race back into it. Both teams showed us their best last week. I give the 49ers the slight edge this week.

SF 20 PHI 17


This is my other 1:00 game to watch. Both teams just knocked off 2 of the leagues top teams and surprised everyone. For Pittsburgh it was an elite defense that stymied Allen and company, that very few teams have managed to do. This defense, led by Watt and Fitzpatrick, is top of the league and they just continue to dominate in the trenches and make game changing plays. However, we’re seeing some weakness from the offense without a solid offensive line and a Raiders defense that had Lamar Jackson running for his life, Pittsburgh could be in trouble on offense. Oakland forced pressure and a few costly turnovers on a Ravens offense still finding it’s identity without half it’s offense. Oakland also had success making chunk plays on command as they managed to keep the pocket clean for Carr. Pittsburgh front 7 has a bit more strength and depth than Baltimore, but I think Oakland has just enough on both sides of the ball to grab the win this week.

LV 26 PIT 24


In our second divisional matchup this week, we have a good game from some surprise teams. I think people had some trust in Winston finding success with New Orleans after his lasik surgery, but nobody expected him to make Rodgers and the Packers look foolish. He was slinging it all over and built some strong chemistry, especially with his speedsters. The Saints looked good and they finally found the long ball they’ve missed with Brees the past couple years. Carolina on the other hand brought in the ghost seeing QB in Darnold and hoped to turn him around a bit to get a fresh start with a new team. He went against his former team and looked comfortable and efficient, like the old Darnold was just gone. The whole offense was strong and moved the ball well. I think the Saints end up taking this game but it’ll be a shoot out.

NO 38 CAR 30


Let’s give Trevor Lawrence some credit, he took the helm of a bad team with an interesting head coach and gave it his all. He had his struggles like any rookie QB is expected to, but he had some solid moments and plays. You can see there’s something solid for the Jags to build on with this young man. They still have a lot of work to do to build a strong team again, but selecting him was a good first step. The Broncos made a good step this offseason too however by grabbing Bridegwater. The Broncos really established a strong running game last week. Their defense held their ground and the team did pretty well converting on 3rd and 4th down. Facing off against a rebuilding Jags team, I like Bridgewater and the Broncos to tally on another W this week by a couple scores.

DEN 27 JAX 13


Last week Murray and the Cardinals went into Nashville and lit up a strong Titans team on both sides of the ball. Murray threw for 290 and 4 TDs and rushed for one as well. They have plenty of offensive weapons and Hopkins proved he’s still a top 5 WR if not top 2. The defense was even scarier. Chandler got to the QB 5 times last week…you read that right, Jones alone had 5 SACKS. They ate Henry on the ground, eliminated the play action and crushed Tannehill in the pocket. Their opponent this week runs a fairly similar offense. Minnesota also uses a top 5 RB to establish a play action pass. The main difference is that Minnesota has a more efficient QB with better touch. Cousins is sneaky effective in passing and even in the loss last week to the Bengals, Cousins put up 350 yards and completed 74% of his passes. If they can get Cook going a little more, they stand a pretty solid chance. However, I think Arizona’s defense will dial up the pressure again and Murray will have another solid game.

ARI 24 MIN 18


This is the big blowout of the week. TB12 and the Bucs have the most complete offense out there. They work the whoe field, they move the ball, and they score at will. They also tend to defend well against anyone that isn’t Dak Prescott. Tom Brady is the GOAT for a reason and proved that much against the Cowboys as they marched down field and did pretty much whatever they wanted. Atlanta had an average and young Philly team roll in and absolutely work them over. Matt Ryan couldn’t get anything going and the run game was stale. Philly did just as much damage on the other side as Atlanta had no answers for Hurts and the offense and I can’t imagine they’ll fair any better against a top Bucs offense helmed by the best of all time. This will be a laugher.

TB 41 ATL 13


This game is gonna be a slugfest. You have two teams that are really solid on offense with average defenses. I think LA stands more of a chance than people wanna admit. LA out worked a strong Washington defense and stymied a potent Football Team passing attack. Granted they were adjusting to losing Fitzmagic and bringing in Heinick, but we saw just how solid and poise he can be on Thursday. Herbert is proving to be a solid and efficient QB and I think they will put up a solid fight. However, this Cowboys offense is stacked with weapons and Dak is capable of slinging the ball all over the place. I think the key to this game for the Cowboys will be getting Zeke more involved as he was flat out just not used by the Cowboys. I think they’ll use him more this week and grind out a competitive win over the Chargers.

DAL 27 LAC 20


If you watched Tennessee and Arizona last week, you saw a monster upset beat down by the Cardinals. They took Henry away from the offense and just overwhelmed and abused Tannehill. The defense played just as poor, letting Murray do whatever he wanted. They looked so out of character and lost. The competition doesn’t get any easier this week as they head to the legendary 12th man to battle Russ and the Seahawks. Russ whooped on the Colts defense just the same way Murray did to Tennessee. The Seahawks arguably have a better defense too so I won’t be surprised if this thing turns out the same way. I love Henry and Brown and it’s fun to watch this scrappy Titans team, but I think they’re roundly mismatched against Seattle this week.

SEA 37 TEN 23


This is the matchup we all need and can’t wait to see for week 2. Mahommes vs Lamar, Reid vs Harbaugh, it should be fun and exciting to watch. Last week we saw the Chiefs come out slow against the Browns. The Browns showed up ready to fight and actually went into half beating KC 22-10. Mahommes and the Chiefs came out after half though and made it rain on the Browns. He was exceptional in the second half and really displayed why he’s the best in the league. On the other side, Lamar had a very solid game prior to the fumbles, even though he spent half the game running for his life. Lamar faced pressure on 56% of his dropbacks but still managed to have the Ravens on top for most of the night. Eventually the pressure caught up to him and he had a few costly turnovers. This team has had horrible luck with 15 injuries already this season. I think a healthy Ravens team beats the Chiefs, since the Ravens are 15-2 in primetime home games. I’m going to have to give the Chiefs the edge though here with an injury riddled Ravens team, but it will be close.

KC 34 BAL 31


If you all watched or at least followed the Packers game last week, you’ll see that Rodgers and the Pack just flat out forgot to show up. They were absolutely brutalized and embarrassed by the Saints and Jameis Winston. Rodgers is not about to let the Lions do the same thing. Rodgers has a solid amount of weapons and is also a top 10 QB all time. He’s going to shake the cobwebs out, have a talk with Adams and they’re going to find their swagger again. The Lions were getting totally demolished by the 49ers last week, at one point down 38-10, and managed to fight back into it after the 49ers let off the throttle. The Lions defense looks very rough and, now having lost Okudah, they will be easy pickens for Rodgers and company. I think Rodgers reminds everyone who he is and just why people thought they would be competing for a title this season.

GB 31 DET 20

There you have it, my week 2 pickems and summarized breakdowns are written and recorded, hopefully my good luck for pickem keeps rolling. We have a pretty solid slate of games to look forward to and plenty of enticing matchups. Good luck to everyone’s teams, leave plenty of likes and comments, and see you all next week. And as always, thanks for reading!

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