Week 3 pick em and breakdowns

Well week 3 is upon us and It’s still magical that football is even here. With everything that’s happened over the last couple years, having football again has just seemed unreal. In week 2, we saw that Las Vegas seems real, Lamar took down the Chiefs, Zach Wilson inherited Sam Darnold’s ghosts in New York, and Vikings kicking woes continue. I’m also 22-10 in the first 2 weeks, so I’m doing well so far. We have a lot of good on the list this week so let’s jump right in.


This game shouldn’t be all that close honestly. I’m not saying it will be a blow out, but the Panthers look pretty good with Darnold under center and the Texans are putting a rookie under center on an already iffy team. Davis Mills didn’t play bad last week when he stepped into the game, but the Panthers have actually been the top defense so far. Granted they played the putrid Jets and a still adjusting Saints offense. The Panthers have another chance to bolster their defensive rankings matching up against a rookie and the offseason nightmare Texans. The Texans were pretty solid in a win in week 1, but the Browns got the best of them last week. I think Mills and the Texans will look competent but they won’t be able to make this much of a competitive ball game.

CAR 27 HOU 16


I believe this game will be closer than some may anticipate. The Bills are 7.5 point favorites on the betting and I’d honestly be comfortable betting that the Football Team covers that spread. The Bills are the Bills and Josh Allen will always make this offense strong, but don’t sleep on Heinicke and this Washington offense. They will pose some problems for the Bills defense and they will make this a close game. Allen, Beasley, Diggs, and Singletary possess a hell of an offense, but this Football Team defense is a threat of their own. Young, Allen, and Sweat lead an imposing front seven and the DBs aren’t slouches either. Will they beat the Bills? I don’t think so. Will they make it close? I’d bet money on it.

BUF 23 WFT 20


Justin Fields draws some bad luck in his opponent in his first NFL start. It’s a tall task for anyone to come into Cleveland and beat the Browns, let alone a rookie in his first official start. I like Fields, I think he’ll be a very good QB in this league, but this is his first growing pains in the league. I think this one will be a pretty comfortable win for the Browns. Granted the Bears have been a very tough defense that completely stymied Burrow and the Bengals, but the Bengals haven’t necessarily been tough to beat in recent years. I think Baker and this offense will be too much for the Bears to match up against and the Browns defense will pose problems for Fields and this Bears offense. Consider this something of a blowout.

CLE 34 CHI 16


This is sure to be a rough week for the NFC North. The Lions will be the second team to get blown out this week. Sure the Lions haven’t looked bad on offense, but the defense is putrid. This offense isn’t strong enough to make up for this swiss cheese defense. They were getting stomped by the 49ers before the 49ers decided they could afford to stop trying, and they got crushed by a Green Bay team that failed to eclipse 3 points against the Saints. Enter Lamar and the Ravens. Even though they were short from injuries and started the game with a pick 6, the Ravens beat the Chiefs last week. Lamar and this offense were scoring at will after those first few mistakes. This team looks great, even with the multitude of players being hurt. I think Baltimore comes into Ford Field and totally bulldozes the Lions this week.

BAL 41 DET 16


Well Wentz went and did what Wentz does best, he got hurt and in the most awkwardly uncoordinated fashion. The man went and somehow sprained both ankles. He wasn’t wearing a boot or walking boots, as in two, during a presser, but he was absent from practice Thursday, so the likelihood of him playing is small. Eason looks to be the guy if Wentz is out. This Colts offense hasn’t exactly been electrifying either. There’s a clear lack of weapons and firepower and Wentz doesn’t quite have the it-factor to carry a team. Enter an inexperienced QB like Eason and it doesn’t look good. They also are facing a reawakened Derrick Henry and the Titans. The Titans got flattened in week 1, but they came out in week 2 and looked much like their old selves. King Henry and the Titans offense is awake and that doesn’t bode well for the Colts

TEN 27 IND 17


This is a solid matchup that I’m looking forward to. The Chiefs are coming off a surprising loss at the hands the Ravens and the Chargers are coming off a close loss to the Cowboys. Both teams are going to be hungry and looking to prove they have lost a step. Herbert hasn’t looked like the same budding star we saw last season. The team hasn’t been as offensively strong as they were. I think this is where they show up. They wanna hang with the Chiefs and they have a chance to knock them to the basement of the division. I expect them to come out firing and try to sucker punch a Chiefs team still licking it’s wounds. However, this is Mahommes and the Chiefs we’re talking about. They are the most talented offense in the league and easily the most dangerous for a reason. They may be licking their wounds, but wounded animals backed into a corner, are often most dangerous. The Chiefs come in and get a win in a stellar divisional game.

KC 30 LAC 24


This is a game of fresh faced offenses looking to catch their stride. Jameis and the Saints went out week 1 and surprised the Pack by putting up 38 points and looking good. Then he turned around and looked putrid against the Panthers. They are clearly still trying to find their identity as an offense and find their flow. The Patriots are doing much of the same. The Pats have ushered in the Mac Jones era and are trying to get him settled in NFL life and also help the team get their feet under them with a fresh face under center and a new offense in place. Mac Jones has looked pretty comfortable and poised, as he’s put together good games in his first 2 weeks. The Saints won’t be able to lock in on their offensive identity just yet and Mac Jones pushes the Pats over .500.

NE 23 NO 14


This game features two teams that are going to potentially be drafting top 5 this offseason. The Falcons, once a Super Bowl team that gifted us the meme of the decade back when Brady and the Pats handed them the best SB comback in history. Since then, the Falcons have been at the forefront of mediocrity, just searching for an answer for a revolving door defense. Even with potential hall of famer Matty Ice, Calvin Ridley, and the newest addition in Kyle Pitts, this team just can’t get a decent defense to help out. The Giants are in the same position. Danny Dimes has cemented himself as the QB for awhile and they have some really solid offensive pieces. They have to figure out how to inject Saquon into the gameplan more effectively, but it’s a decent offense nonetheless. Both teams feature defenses in the bottom of the rankings and this game is sure to be a shootout. I give this game to the team with a stronger offense.

NYG 38 ATL 34


Another rousing divisional matchup on the cards with this one. Both teams have been tinkering with their offensive schemes, trying to make adjustments and find what works. The Steelers have been struggling on the O-line and can’t get Ben the protection he needs to make something happen. Harris has been struggling to find holes and have the solid season he’s capable of. It’s bad for a rookie to come into a bad line, because then he starts losing confidence. The Steelers are poised to be without Ben under center this week, or will be playing with an injured Big Ben, which is just as tough. I would’ve picked the Steelers in this one, but Burrow has found some chemistry and momentum with this offense. They hit a road block against the Bears, but I don’t see him having that same luck with a Steelers defense missing some key pieces and star TJ Watt dealing with a groin injury, I don’t think they get the pressure necessary to come out on top.

CIN 17 PIT 16


Well, we have ourselves another blowout with this game. The Cards came out red hot in week 1 as Murray found the endzone 5 times and they just were moving the ball downfield at will. They weren’t as dominant in week 2, but even with a few turnovers, Murray was able to put up 400 yards and make the Vikings defense look silly. They are 2-0 and should slide easily to 3-0 as they battle a Jags team that has been rough on both sides of the ball. They rank 27th in offense and 28th in defense. Trevor Lawrence has really struggled to find any footing in the NFL, and the welcome into the league has been anything but warm. They’ve struggled against lesser teams let alone a team that’s second is offense and getting a lot of pressure on the QB. I think Arizona wins this one comfortably.

ARI 33 JAX 20


This week features an awful lot of lopsided games. This one won’t be any different. The Jets have been just plain bad this season to start out. Zach Wilson has thrown 5 INTs in the first 2 games and has been really struggling under center. He seems to be haunted by the same ghosts Darnold left behind when he was traded to Carolina. They’re bottom 10 in offense and a 10th ranked defense has been the one thing that prevents them from getting embarrassed completely in the first two weeks. The Broncos have been solid on both sides of the ball this season. They have their stride with Bridgewater under center, and find themselves 7th in overall offense. They even find themselves top 5 in total defense. I see this being just another blowout this week.

DEN 38 NYJ 10


This game had a shot to be a solid, competitive game, had Tua been healthy. Without Tua, I just can’t see Miami keeping it neck and neck against Derek Carr and this red hot Raiders team. The Raiders came out to start the season with big wins against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. They have proved that no team is too strong and no stage too imposing. Carr is having an MVP quality season through the first 2 games against top notch defenses. The Dolphins performed well the first week, but inevitably got flattened by the Bills last week. Tua is out and Brissett is in. Granted Brissett isn’t an awful QB, but Tua just has this chemistry and playmaking ability with his guys that Brissett just didn’t seem to have. I don’t think this will be a blowout, but it won’t exactly come down to the wire either.

LV 28 MIA 19


This is my game of the week. I think this will be our most entertaining, close, and fun game to watch. TB12 and the surging Bucs against the Stafford and the new look Rams. The Bucs have come out hot, as expected, and Brady has looked as good and solid as ever. The man hasn’t aged a bit in terms of capabilities and The Brady-Gronk connection has been in rare form. They have scored at will and done pretty much whatever they have wanted these first two weeks. Both teams are top 10 in the pass, but with a bottom 10 rushing attack. The Rams have reached that next level with Stafford at the helm and look just as scary as the Bucs. They have put up points in bunches and their defense itself is even top 10 in points allowed per game. I think this game will be a lot of fun to watch and I think it actually ends with the Rams pulling off the upset.

LAR 30 TB 26


This should be another close and competitive game. The Seahawks and Vikings are pretty similar on paper and have an entertaining non-divisional rivalry. The Seahawks are 7-0 against the Vikings with Russ as the starting QB and have won the last 3 in Seattle. They’ve been very strong on offense and have had to try and overcompensate for a bad defense. Cousins has had the same luck this season. He’s played clean, accurate football in the first couple weeks and his and Wilson numbers are practically identical. Both teams have explosive offenses that are suppressed and overshadowed by the woes of their bottom of the rankings defense. This game is set to be a high scoring slug fest. I give the edge here to the Seahawks on the road.

SEA 34 MIN 30


We have a really good night game on deck as well as the Packers face off against the 49ers. The Packers started out with a rough thumping at the hands of Winston and the Saints. The Saints were dismantling the Packers defense left and right, and Rodgers and the offense weren’t able to get much of anything at all going. They just looked stale and like they were still stuck on the bus. However, they came out against Detroit and looked like the Packers team that was predicted by some to win the NFC. They face a 49ers team that barely escaped against Detroit after building a 41-10 lead. They edged out a narrow win against the Eagles last week. They’ve played solid but they have definitely not had that spark on either side of the ball necessary to beat a top team like Green Bay. Will we see the Green Bay team that got blown out by the Saints or the team that dismantled the Lions? I think Rodgers and company show up ready to go and get the win.

GB 24 SF 20


This divisional matchup presents a heated rivalry under the Monday Night lights. We have Dak and the Cowboys matching up at home against Hurts and the Eagles. Both teams have been pretty good on one side of the ball and mediocre on the other. The Eagles have been very stout on defense and have been about middle of the pack on offense. Hurts has looked good and has been moving the ball and controlling the clock. He hasn’t made mistakes but they’re also struggling to make any waves. Their defense has been solid and very strong. They’re top 5 in total defense and looking to keep this fiery Cowboys offense under wraps. The Cowboys offense has been top 5 also in the first 2 weeks and Dak looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat, but their defense has made kept them from being too impressive. They rank 27th overall and will look to change that this week against the Eagles. I think this will be a close, division typical game, with Dallas winning this one.

DAL 27 PHI 20

Well there you have it. This week we’ll see a mixture of blowouts, close games, and comfortable wins. The league will begin to take a more consistent shape as we find out who’s real and who isn’t over the next few weeks. Let me know what your opinions, share this story to other football fans, and thank you for reading and supporting. Good luck to everyone this week and see you all again next week.

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