Week 8 Picks and breakdowns

Ok so I have to say I’m sorry in advance if you like the long elaborate breakdowns I do for each game. This week I’m a little swamped so they’re going to be really short and brief. We see more and more things unfold every week and it always brings some craziness we weren’t expecting. The Ravens and Bengals game was expected to be close, but we all thought Baltimore was the team to beat in the AFC even with their long list of injuries. However, The Bengals came in and just torched them. The Pats dropped 54 on the Jets’ heads in a 41 point blowout. People were expecting a Pats win, but nobody expected all that. We also saw the Titans just flat out embarrass Kansas City. I hope things are as wild this week with the trade deadline on the horizon. This point in the year, I’m sitting at 74-34 including the game on Thursday that I got wrong and chose the Cards. Yes shame on me for not posting this prior to that game and shame on me for going against Rodgers, even despite missing 3 of his 4 WRs. With all that being said, let’s just jump right into this week’s predictions.


The Panthers have really struggled lately and even just suffered a big, tough loss to the Giants. Coming into Atlanta to play a team that is playing pretty well and are winners of 3 of their last 4 games, I see a Panthers team that’s really hurting without CMC maybe putting up a little bit of a fight, but not nearly enough to win

ATL 30 CAR 24


The Dolphins have a lot of buzz right now as to whether they will keep Tua or trade for Watson. Flores says they like Tua and are sticking with him, but we all know to take talk like that with a grain of salt. Regardless, they’re not the same team they were last season at all and the Bills are one of the strongest teams in the league. The Bills are also fresh off a tough loss to the Titans so they may be looking to bounce back against the team they whooped 35-0 back in week 2. Gotta take the Bills by a lot.

BUF 34 MIA 17


The return of Jimmy G sparked this offense a little bit, but they still lost handedly to the Colts. Granted we just watched Green Bay whoop on Chicago’s strong defense last week, but Green Bay is also now responsible for Arizona’s first loss. I think Chicago’s defense will bounce back against a team that doesn’t pass well and is still missing the prime weapon of the offense in Kittle. Give me the Bears in an upset here.

CHI 23 SF 20


Say it with me, these teams are battling to stay out of last place and the division and neither team is named the Bengals. It’s crazy I know. Cleveland has an ailing Baker back under center this week and Landry says he will be playing this week. Obviously this team won’t be anywhere near as strong as they are when healthy, but they’re playing an ever declining Big Ben and this lackluster offense. If the Browns can get stops and making enough plays with Chubb possibly back in the lineup, I have to assume Cleveland slides by to escape last place.

CLE 20 PIT 17


This is a game of two rough teams, with a combined record of 2-12, the Eagles have really struggled on defense and the Lions have had a hard time winning close games. The Eagles have failed to establish a running attack to help Hurts get anything going. The Lions have lost 2 really close games at home. I like Detroit to manage the game and get a close win for Campbell’s first win as a head coach.

DET 24 PHI 21


The Colts have been playing well and Wentz isn’t lighting defense up, but he’s managing the games and playing smart and efficient. The Titans though, are red hot and coming off a huge win against the Bills. The colts are going to try to knock King Henry and the Titans off their high horse with an upset, but we all knowing taking Henry down is always easier said than done. I like Tennessee to keep rolling in a comfortable win.

TEN 27 IND 17


After a trade, we had the potential to see the Bengals face a familiar face in Cool Joe Flacco. Instead, the Jets went with Mike White. Coupled with the dangerousness of Cincy’s offense and their stout defense, Mike White certainly doesn’t give the Jets much of a shot to win this game. Put in Flacco and maybe they can play ball with Burrow and the Boyz(don’t judge me, it’s funny), but with White, they won’t put up a fight.

CIN 30 NYJ 10


Just as I said in the last game, I don’t see much of a fight being put up in this one. The Rams are one of the stronger teams in the league and Houston has been playing hot potato with their roster and who stays and goes. They are tearing down to bare bones for a total rebuild. I see LA taking this game pretty handedly.

LAR 38 HOU 16


This game might not look like much on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. New England has played close games against Dallas and Tampa Bay. Both teams have excellent players behind center and this one is no different. Herbert and this offense are very strong and they will have some success, but New England will keep it close. I don’t think New England will win it, but they will be close.

LAC 24 NE 20


This is not the easy win it should be with a healthy Wilson under center and no Carson in the backfield. Collins has filled in well, but they miss Wilson something awful and the Jags are coming off a bye after securing their first win. I think with the Seahawks looking rough behind the play of Geno Smith, them struggling mightily at home, and Lawrence getting more settled in, is all a recipe for a prime upset. I’m either going to look like a pro with this prediction, or a damn fool but I’m going for it.

JAX 21 SEA 16


The Broncos boast the 3rd best scoring defense and are playing at home this week. They’re looking to break a 4 game losing streak against a team that boasts the worst scoring defense and the 5th worst overall defense. The Broncos look nothing like the team that started 3-0, but they should be good enough to put up a win against a team struggling heavily on defense and not enough firepower to will the offense to a win. Give me Denver in this one.

DEN 27 WAS 23


The Buccaneers are the hottest and all-around toughest team in football right now, and Tom Brady has found the fountain of youth. He continues to light up opposing defense even approaching 45 years old. As much as it’s fun watching the GOAT continue to dominate the league, divisional matchups can be tough no matter the opponent. The Saints are the same team they were when Brees was at the helm, but they’re competent enough to fight back against TB12 and the Bucs. Give me the Bucs but in a decently close game

TB 34 NO 27


Along with the Bucs, the Cowboys have been one of the hottest offenses in the league with Lamb bursting on the scenes as a top WR. Both teams play varying styles of offense, The Cowboys move fast and hit hard and the Vikings manage the clock and grind the ball down your throat. I think the Cowboys will have their way in terms of playing their style of offense, but the Vikings will keep up with them in a close, fun game.

DAL 38 MIN 34


I need someone to explain what has happened to the Chiefs and I need this explanation asap. This team isn’t even resembling a husk of it’s former self. Last year Mahommes dominated and was scoring and moving the ball at will, this year he can’t stop himself from committing turnovers and are 3-4 and 3rd in their division. Sure the Giants are rough in their own, consistent way, but the Chiefs are in unventured territory. The Giants can’t seem to piece things together and are 1 week from a Barkley return. I think the Chiefs will look to try to show they’re not a lost cause though and will put out a win here.

KC 30 NYG 20

So I apologize again for not putting more into the breakdowns like I normally do, this is a busy week for me and I wanted to make sure I had my picks and at least something for y’all to read this week. I picked a few blowouts, some upsets and some close games this week. Hopefully it will be another exciting week as we all keep our eyes on the trade deadline and how that all plays out. I will come back next week with a more in depth breakdown, I promise. Let’s hope I can keep building on this successful pickem season so far. Hope you all liked the article this week and I appreciate everyone who reads these articles, shares them, and even replies with responses. I welcome and look forward to any and all feedback/responses as it opens fun back n forth discussion and helps me grow as an independent analyst. Thank you all for reading and keep an eye out for more articles like this and potentially more as the season plays out. See you all next week.

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