Week 9 NFL Picks and predictions

Well it’s ok to let me hear it this week, if you checked my article last week, it was not only my first week under .500, but it was also 2 consecutive weeks under 10 correct picks. Right now, I’m hurting as a picker, but even still I’m 80-43 on the season. That’s a pretty damn respectable mark. Last week saw some dramatic and surprising outcomes. Henry Ruggs was arrested after tragically killing another motorist in an accident, OBJ and his father insulted his way right out of Cleveland, and the Bengals lost to the Jets and first time starter Mike White under center. There was a lot to digest after the slate of games and drama, and there will be plenty of drama and action this week also. Will the Ravens rally after their bye and bad loss to the Bengals? Will the Chiefs be able to knock off the Packers with Rodgers in quarantine? Will the Titans be able to make a stand against the deadly Rams like they did the Bills in week 7? There’s plenty on the cards for the week and there will be plenty of drama to discuss all over Twitter. With that being said, let’s get down to it.


The Bengals had proven themselves strong and playoff ready, but then things got thrown into question by blowing it against a Jets team with a new QB making his pro debut. The Bengals have had a couple games where they looked strong and proved that they had what it takes to compete against some of the better teams. Their opponent this week is a team that has been shrouded in drama and disappointment. The Browns got everyone, including me, to buy into the narrative that they were big contenders this season. They turned around, gave us weekly drama, and put up too many disappointing losses. I think the Bengals have a favorable matchup on both sides of the ball and the Jets loss was a big wake up call for them. I’m taking the Bengals in this one comfortably.

CIN 27 CLE 17


This game had more intrigue prior to losing two more offensive players for this game and trading away aging star Von Miller. Granted Miller isn’t a tremendous loss at his age, losing that power and leadership does hurt. The Broncos have been licking their wounds since week 4 and have never really recovered. This Cowboys offense is as deadly as any and may be getting Dak back this week. With Dak, I see this game being clsoe to a blowout with this high powered offense and stout defense. Even without Dak, this offense does just enough to manage a few scores and validate the stops that this defense makes. Give me the Cowboys in this game, and I’m making a score prediction with Dak and one without.

W/ DAK: DAL 31 DEN 16 W/O DAK: DAL 20 DEN 16


This game would have been infinitely more interesting to watch if the Texans had traded Watson to the Dolphins. Seeing a Watson revenge game days after trading would be super entertaining while the drama was still fresh. However, we’re now stuck with two of the most unwatchable teams in the league facing off and I couldn’t be any less excited. Both have been very rough this season and have put up ugly game after ugly game. It’s no surprise that both teams are in the running for the number one overall pick in the 2022 draft. The Dolphins have the advantage as the players become increasingly frustrated with this Texans front office week after week. On top of that, Tua isn’t too shabby and can decently move the ball downfield when he has time. The Texans just so happen to be bottom 5 in QB pressure. Give me the Dolphins in a battle of the undesirables.

MIA 23 HOU 14


If the Falcons had Ridley, I’d say they may have enough to overpower the lackluster offense of the Saints that ranks 31st in the league. However, without Ridley, they looked like they had no idea how to even pass the ball. Despite the firepower that Patterson and Pitts bring, it wasn’t enough to get passed the disappointing Panthers. The Saints on the other hand are a very respectable 5-2 even without Winston or the even more missed, Drew Brees. Their defense has been lights out and the offense has found a way to pump out win after win. Usually a deadly offense can outduel a strong defense, but this Falcons offense this week is anything but deadly right now. I have to give this one to the Saints comfortably.

NO 23 ATL 20


At this point it’s safer to bet that the Giants will suffer a couple new injuries this week than it is to bet that they will win this game. The Giants aren’t as bad as their record indicates, but they can’t play situational football. They can’t hold on to any success they can muster in the openings of their games. Jones has held up enough with the injuries and bad luck that they have had. On the other hand, the Raiders are as advertised based on their record. The Raiders have been very solid in passing offense and passing defense, but on both sides of the ball, they really do struggle with the run. Jacobs hasn’t really been healthy, but he wasn’t on the week 9 injury report. Jacobs being healthy and the offense being top 3 in passing, I like their odds in this one, and I like them to win big with Barkley out another week.

LV 33 NYG 13


This game is going to be closer than some may think. The Panthers have been very mediocre, and the fact that they ran the ball almost double the amount that they pass the ball doesn’t look great for them. Every bit of their game was ugly last week on the offensive side of the ball. The defense on the other hand looked very strong. Granted the Falcons offense is missing Ridley and is looking lack-luster on paper, but holding a team under 250 total yards is pretty nice. I’m sure it also didn’t please Belichick to watch Gilmore snag the game sealing interception. The Patriots don’t have much to scoff at though as they put up a whopping 54 points on the Jets in week 7 and they pulled out a close win over the talented Chargers team. I like the Pats in a close one here, but the Panthers defense will force them to be creative and put all their chips on the table.

NE 24 CAR 23


In the game against Miami, Lawrence looked comfortable and very poised. He was doing very well and was moving the ball well and managing the game well. I should’ve realized that I couldn’t put any stock into a game against one of the worst teams. The Jaguars turned around and got crushed by 24 points by a Seahawks team that was missing both Russell Wilson and Chris Carson. So we can’t believe in this team to beat anyone but the bottom of the barrel teams in this league. This week they’re playing a team that is anything but bottom of the barrel. The Bills are the best 2 way team in the league. They rank number one in scoring on both sides of the ball. They are a very strong team and are a favorite right now to claim the top spot in the AFC. They have lost to the Titans who sit at the top of the conference right now, and the Steelers which can be chalked up to a top 10 defense and it being week 1. Josh Allen and this offense, coupled with this strong Bills defense are going to be way to talented and well-rounded for the Jags to overcome. Give me the Bills by a lot.

BUF 38 JAX 10


This will either be a fun, entertaining game or a blowout. The Vikings haven’t been bad, they’ve beaten some decent teams, but they also have lost some really ugly games against subpar teams. They have been fairly average in every stat there is except for pressuring the QB. The Vikings actually rank 2nd in sacks. It’s no secret that the Ravens have struggled this season with injuries and the line has really suffered this season. Granted, part of the issue with pressures has been Lamar being indecisive, but the line hasn’t been holding up amidst the injuries. We’ll have to see how the Ravens prepare, Harbaugh has been known to be historically great coming off his bye weeks. Let’s not forget either, this Ravens team has been stellar aside from their most recent loss to the Bengals. Despite that embarrassing game against the Bengals, they are middle of the pack ion overall defense and 2nd in rushing defense. Lamar has been on a tear this season and they’ve done a lot more than anyone expected with the amount of injuries they’ve suffered this season. The by week helped them get back a couple important players and gave them the rest and preparation they thrive off of. I have to go with the Ravens in a comfortable win here.

BAL 30 MIN 21


In the beginning of the season, Herbert caught fire and was really lighting up the NFL. Herbert has come back to earth since then. He’s still a very solid and well-rounded QB. The Chargers are serious contenders, but they keep finding ways to trip themselves up. They find themselves in the top half of the league in passing offense, but they need to start finding a way to contribute on the ground. This team sits at just 25th in rushing and it’s interesting to think just how potent and deadly this team could be if they could establish a rushing attack. They’re also 9th in total defense and are solid at forcing turnovers. Their competitors this week happen to be the Eagles. Why does that correlate for the Chargers? Well the Eagles have been obliterating the league’s worst teams, and looking aloof and lost against the league’s better teams. The Eagles don’t do very well in forcing turnovers or generating pressure. The Charger’s last two losses came against defensive geniuses as coordinators to throw off Herbert, but Philly does not have that luxury. Give me the Chargers in this one by one score.

LAC 27 PHI 20


This game had all the hype and star power to be a must watch game. It’s still must watch as the Packers find themselves towards the top of the league, and despite their record, the Chiefs are still capable of playing fun and exciting football. Even without Rodgers, this team can play some damn good football. The Chiefs have baffled a lot of experts and fans as they have looked pretty rough this season and they lead the league in turnovers given up. Mahommes has been very sloppy and is making some poor decisions. The defense also ranks just 27th in total defense. Even with Rodgers being out, this Packers team can put up a very strong performance. Love isn’t very battle tested, but when he has stepped in and played, he’s played well enough to string some good quality games together. The Packers are also getting a few key players back off the injury report. I think even though the Chiefs still have the firepower and ability to put points on the board, Mahommes has struggled under pressure, he’s made mistakes, and LaFleur always has a plan no matter who’s under center. Call me crazy, but I’m giving the edge to the Packers, but it’ll be close.

GB 26 KC 23


This game is going to be interesting no matter how things play out. If we see Murray and Hopkins under center, it will be a fun game. These teams faced off week 5 with Lance leading the 49ers and it was a close, competitive game. This time around the 49ers have Garoppolo back and are ready for the 7-1 Cards. The Cardinals have Murray and Hopkins on the injury report and are reported as game time decisions. Murray is nursing an ankle injury and Hopkins is dealing with a hamstring injury. Should the dynamic duo not play this weekend Colt McCoy will be under center and we’ll see a lot more of Kirk, Isabelle, and Ertz catching passes. Keep in mind also that Murray and Hopkins playing will be dampened by leg injuries. I would typically judge this game the same way as the Cowboys and Broncos game, but I see this playing out the same way regardless. Garoppolo provided and very strong spark for the 49ers last week and Kittle is back in the lineup this week also. Give me the 49ers, regardless of Murray and Hopkins’ status.

SF 28 ARI 23


This game has the same stipulations as the Cardinals game, except we already know henry won’t be playing any time soon. The Titans are a juggernaut when Henry is in the lineup, he really makes this entire team run like a well oiled machine. Henry being out of the lineup throws a big branch in their spokes. They have only played two games without Henry since he was drafted in 2016. His presence was sorely missed in both games. Even with Jones and Brown healthy, they will struggle against even an average team. However, Jones and Brown are both game time decisions and they’re playing a top team in the league overall. Given that the Rams have been virtually unbeatable by anyone not named the Cardinals. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. With Henry being out for an extended period of time, and their stud WRs being game time decisions, I have to go with McVay and this red hot Rams team.

LAR 34 TEN 20


This would be a battle of solid defenses and new QB vs aging QB. Big Ben is undoubtedly a Hall of Fame QB and has been dynamite and a winner for most of his career. This season, we have seen his age and injury history bring out mediocre play from him. Couple his age with his bumbling mobility and struggling offensive line and it could be a recipe for disaster. The Steelers saving grace this season has been this scary and hard nosed defense, lead by the pass rushing phenom TJ Watt. The Bears have a similar resume of their own. Fields is a young, inconsistent QB who played his best game last week. He’s doing his best to manage the game and let his defense put him in a position to win. Their defense is top 5 in the league in sacks and really bullies offenses, just as the Steelers do. So, with this game being lead by defenses and QBs that can only hope to manage enough to grind out a close win. The difference maker here is that the Bears are missing it’s defensive powerhouse Mack and it looks like Jackson may miss the game too. That’s what gives Pittsburgh the edge this week. Give me the Steelers and their money making defense in a low scoring close game.

PIT 17 CHI 13

Well that’s a wrap on this week’s picks and prediction article. We had plenty of drama and intrigue in this week’s slate of games. Hopefully this week won’t play out as poorly as last week did for me. I can’t wait to see how things shake out and I hope your team wins this week, unless they’re playing my team of course. Thank you for reading and I really hope you all liked the article this week. Let me know in the comments what your opinions are and give my article a like and keep checking back weekly for my next picks and predictions and soon my mid season awards and playoff predictions will be coming out. Thank you all and see you next week.

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