week 10 NFL Picks and breakdowns

So it wasn’t a great week last week with my picks, but it wasn’t great either as I broke even at 7-7. It’s not as bad as the week prior, but not nearly as good as my first 7 or 8 weeks. We’re still seeing lesser teams upset the top teams and just throwing everything we’ve become so confident in into question. As the Rams continue to stack talent through the market, the Packers get Rodgers back as they try to put his vaccination drama behind them, and Russ is back for the Seahawks also. It’s a week full of interesting matchups, and if the crazy upset on Thursday is anything to go off of, it could be a very wild week. Well, let’s get down to the picks, hope you enjoy the article and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.


This game should be a pretty simple choice and expected to be pretty comfortable win for the Cowboys. That would be the case if the Cowboys hadn’t just been dismantled by the Broncos and the Falcons look relatively solid against the Saints. It’s tough to really pinpoint what we can expect to see this week. The problem in the Cowboys game last week was that Denver applied constant pressure and managed the game very well to try and keep the high powered offense off the field. Luckily for the Cowboys this matchup against the Falcons works in their favor as the Falcons are last in QB pressures, sacks, and are 22nd in time of possession. I look for Dallas to make a point and bounce back this week. Give me the Cowboys in this one.

DAL 31 ATL 23


This is another game that some might expect to be an easy choice. The Titans have come in every single week and beaten some top teams. They even beat the red hot Rams without King Henry in the backfield. The Titans have proven that they’re the real deal, having knocked off the Rams, Colts, Chiefs, and the Bills in consecutive games. However, even with such immense success despite losing their top RB, they can only do so much. The Titans have a handful of other stars to lean on and take the pressure off of each other. The Saints have continued to find ways to win, despite playing with an inconsistent rotation at QB. Simien and this top 10 defense have managed games, stymied opposing offenses and tallied wins. Normally I’d pick the Titans to win this game, even with Henry out, but they’re also missing Julio Jones now too, so I just can’t see them overcoming the loss of 2 of their biggest stars. Give me the Saints in a nail biter.

NO 23 TEN 21


Are the Colts the real deal in the AFC? We can’t say that yet, as they haven’t really strong-armed any of the top teams. They did give Baltimore and Tennessee some trouble, but they haven’t wowed or pulled out any W’s against the stronger teams. They have had a tendency to handily whoop on the lesser, weaker teams in the league. Wentz and this offense have seen Pittman and Pascal outperform expectations, Pittman being the bigger and more impressive standout. The Jags have been up to some impressiveness of their own lately. The Jags just upset the Bills last week thanks to their run defense and Josh Allen the lineman creating constant headaches and mistakes from Josh Allen the QB. It was a real Spiderman imposter meme moment and we were all loving it. Typically I have a soft spot for the underdog, and recent history says the underdog pick is a smart one, but I just can’t shake the feeling that Indy gets it done comfortably here.

IND 27 JAX 13


I was firmly onboard the Mac jones train. I think he’s very talented and is going to be very successful, and I also thought he had a great mentality and level-headed approach to his game. That all came crumbling down when he appeared to deliberately grab, twist, and injure Brain Burn’s injury. I just see nothing from the video that makes me feel like he could’ve believed Burns had the ball. I think it was frustration and it was dirty. That being said Cleveland, who has been questionable and very disappointing, is coming off a dominant win over the Bengals. The Browns have been very wishy-washy, but looked very strong and confident against Cincy. The game would be neck n neck regardless of who was playing and who wasn’t. However, with Chubb out, I think that is just the edge the Pats need to pull out the win. Maybe we’ll be treated to another clip of Steve Belichick doing that tongue stuff he does on the sideline.

NE 24 CLE 20


The Jets performed decently well, but the Colts still controlled the game. Mike White will be back for this game after getting knocked out of the game prematurely last week. The Jets have looked at least somewhat competent against some better than average teams the last 2 weeks. They have played better after subbing White in for Wilson and even have brought in joe Flacco for insurance. However, this week they play the Bills. The Bills did just lose in a massive upset to the Jags, but the Bills are still the Bills. The Jets have looked decent on offense since putting White in, but the Bengals and Colts both are in the bottom 10 in defensive rankings. The Bills just so happen to be ranked number 1 in defense and it’s not even close. Plus on the other side of the ball, Josh Allen and this offense are pretty damn good. Now the Jets don’t have a tough defense, but the Jags defense isn’t exactly game changing either and they gave the Bills offense fits. I think this game is a win for the Bills, but will it be a runaway game? I say it’ll be a high scoring game and the Bills win by more than a score. They were just embarrassed by the Jags, they won’t let it happen in consecutive weeks.

BUF 38 NYJ 27


The Steelers have not been the team some people expected them to be. They weren’t expected to be a huge powerhouse, but they were expected to compete for the divisional crown. Well, after a very tough first several weeks, they are in a position to do just that. With the Ravens loss to the Dolphins on Thursday, the Steelers would draw even with the Ravens and have the tiebreaker that would give Pittsburgh the advantage in the division. It’s pretty surprising to see them in this position with their very lackluster offense and the diminishing ability if an aging and frail Big Ben. For them though, it’s always been about defense. The Lions have been rough on both sides of the ball, but they one thing they’ve done halfway decent is play close to the better teams they face. They do still always lose, but they somehow test the better opponents. I don’t think they’ll beat the Steelers, which probably means I’m wrong if you base it off the passed 2 weeks, but it will be close.

PIT 20 DET 16


This game is primed to be our first blowout. The Football Team has been below average all season. The defense is nowhere close to the talented unit we saw last season, and the offense isn’t much of a prize either. This Washington team could beat an average and maybe even a playoff team on the right weekend. However, this week they’re playing the Super Bowl champs and repeat favorite Buccaneers. Led by the never aging and MVP favorite Tom Brady, this Bucs unit is very strong and led by a no-nonsense coach. This isn’t just your average team, but anyone is capable of being upset on any given Sunday? Can an underdog and downtrodden Football Team pull off the unlikely upset over the Super Bowl favorite? Not only do I strongly disagree that they can grab the upset, but I also think Tampa Bay beats them pretty badly.

TB 34 WAS 13


This game would be more fun and enticing to watch and get invested in if Cam Newton was going to be starting. However, PJ Walker is getting another start until Newton is ready to go. The Panthers are coming off of a bad loss to the Patriots and the Cardinals are coming off a win over the 49ers even without Murray and Hopkins. Last week showed us that the Cardinals were a very deep and powerful team to win without their two stars. Murray and Hopkins are a game time decision again this week. The Cards just beat someone without them, but can they possibly do it again? The Panthers have been pretty below average since the early stages of the season and the 49ers with Garoppolo under center isn’t bad. So, if the Cards can beat the Jimmy G lead 49ers by 14, who’s to say that they can’t beat the lesser Panthers? I say they do, but in a nail biter. If Murray and Hopkins play, give me the Cards by at least 2 scores.



The Chargers have a pretty strong and productive offense that’s capable of beating even the better teams in the league. The Vikings aren’t necessarily one of the league’s better teams, but they are capable of making stops when they’re at full strength and keeping up on offense. That’s the key though, the Vikings defense will be without Hunter and Peterson, so can we expect them to slow down the Chargers offense? The Chargers defense on the other hand is top 10 and is top 10 also in QB pressures. I feel bad that this Vikings team just can’t seem to catch a break and cash in on the solid offensive talent that they have, but I just can’t see them pulling this one off. Give me the Chargers in this one comfortably.

LAC 27 MIN 16


There are so many possible outcome and scenarios that could go down in this game. We seem to see a different Broncos team each and every week. They could be the team that gets stomped on and looks like crap, or we could see them be the team that crushes that Eagles offense and has Bridgewater light up the poor Eagles defense. The point is that both of these teams are complete and total mysteries. It’s like pulling from a weekly football grab bag and just accepting whatever you get. The Eagles have been decent enough passing, but that’s only after they end up down and have to try to play comeback. The Eagles have no run game right now and this defense isn’t strong enough to impact this game much. The Broncos at least have a defense that’s capable of stymieing a one dimensional offense and putting up the necessary points and yards to hold off a likely late Eagles comeback, That’s what I think we see, the Broncos go up comfortably and Hurts eventually claws back into it. Just as is the case every week, the Eagles will come up short of the comeback.

DEN 26 PHI 20


I was very worried about the state of this game and how fun and exciting it could be. If this game didn’t feature Russ and Rodgers, and instead featured Geno and Love, I would’ve been extremely disappointed and defeated. Instead Rodgers is now off the Covid list and Russ has been fully cleared to play. That makes this game a must watch, and in my opinion, a likely shootout. For two teams that are packed with offensive weapons and have relatively lack-luster defenses, I see Russ and Rodgers doing what it takes to show out and perform. The big question is who’s running game steps up to provide more balance, and who’s defense can provide just enough to slow down at least a part of the opponent’s offense. The Packers have the better defense all around and they force more turnovers. They also have the better running game. I’ve gotta go with my gut on this one and say give me the Packers in a high scoring game.

GB 38 SEA 34


This game should be more exciting than some people might think. With Mahommes struggling to keep the offense on the field with his many turnovers, and Las Vegas being a solid threat on both sides of the ball, I think this game is perfect for the primetime spotlight. You won’t see the Chiefs go down easy though as Mahommes and company are still very capable of putting up points. Derek Carr and the Raiders offense has looked like one of the best offenses in the league in some games, but then they disappoint and fall flat in others. The Chiefs have all the talent and game changing ability, but after the loss to the Ravens in week 2, they have seemed to be broken ever since. It’s kind of a toss up as to what teams we will see in this one, but seeing the Raiders show up strong has happened much more often than the Chiefs showing up and limiting their mistakes. The Raiders have a very potent pass rush and we’ve seen how much Mahommes has struggled under pressure this season. Give me the Raiders in a close one.

LV 24 KC 23


It may not seem so because the Rams have been pretty solid recently and have been electric this season in particular, but the 49ers have won the last 4 games over the Rams. The 49ers also have Garoppolo under center so they’re not the same lackluster team we saw with the unpolished Lance under center. Although the 49ers had Garoppolo back last week against a Cardinals team missing both Murray and Hopkins. The Cardinals still beat the 49ers by 14. Are the Rams as deep as the Cardinals? We’re not sure, we haven’t seen them have to prove that just yet. What we do know is that the Rams have beaten the Cardinals and are still a very hot and electric offense. The new additions for LA this week are still up in the air. We’re not sure if OBJ will play and if he does, just how many snaps would he even get? Miller missed last week nursing an ankle injury, and there’s no word on if he’s ready yet or if they’ll rest him through their bye next week. I think this Rams team will play hungry and ready to dispose of that 4 game win streak from the 49ers in this matchups. Give me the Rams in this one, but it’ll still be somewhat close.

LAR 38 SF 27

Well there you have it for this week’s picks and predictions. Hopefully I can turn things around this week and not suffer another bad one. There’s a lot of good games to look forward to and some solid potential storylines that could lay out. I can’t wait to see what the NFL has in store, we can only hope it’s no more horrid and shameful penalty calls from the officials. Between the awful officials, the crazy upsets, Rodgers’ Covid drama, and the Mac Jones ankle grab fiasco, we may just end up with more drama this week. Although Jones is facing off against the Browns and Garrett, and we all remember what happened last time a QB tried to put hands on Garrett. Sorry bad jokes aside, I can’t wait to see how it plays out. I hope everyone liked the article, and please like and comment your takes as well. You can comment here on the page or wherever you see it posted. Thank you all for reading and check back next week for week 11 picks and I’ll be dropping the predictions for playoffs and yearly awards soon. Thank you and good luck to everyone in fantasy and to your football teams.

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